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Explore the World With Your Camera Eye

Each episode of PhotowalksTV features Jeff and his iPhone roaming great places in search of the best photo spots, with a generous portion of smartphone photo tips.

"I am really enjoying your Photowalks episodes, especially Palm Springs and surrounding desert areas. I've been there 1 million times and hadn't seen any of those places." -- Dayle.

The point of the show is to get you to open your camera eye, slow down and enjoy the natural beauty that's awaiting us as we get off the beaten path. 

“I created Photowalks because traditional travel shows wow you with beautiful pictures of places you’ll want to visit, but never slow down and show you how they got them,” says Graham. “They give you a travel brochure version of what a town is like, but you rarely hear from the people who live there about their insights. I wanted to share my love of exploring the outdoors on foot and show what’s possible with a smartphone and a camera that’s within anyone’s budget.”

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