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Grand Tetons: Best Travel Photography spot for Moose photos

One of the joys of photographing the Grand Tetons National Park is grabbing great images of local Moose who live in the wilds of the park. The question is: where will you find them?

For the several days we recently visited the park and the Jackson area, so many different people had different suggestions for Moose sightings.

But as you will discover in the video below, one of the best, and most surefire ways to find the moose (no squirrels, sorry) is to get yourself to Schwabacher Landing, which is about 20 minutes from Jackson.

Here you will find a large lake (great for reflection shots of the Tetons themselves) and the Moose drinking water and eating grass at early morning and sunset hours. Don't believe me? Consider this. The Moose sighting isn't in Jackson, itself, but in a town called Moose, Wyoming. Pretty good hint there, right?

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