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Park City Photowalk: Itinerary

Park City, Utah, is world-renowned for its winter skiing and the Sundance Film Festival, but the summer season offers its own unique charm, especially for photography enthusiasts.

With its bright green mountain grass set against snow-capped peaks and historic Main Street, Park City in the summer is a haven for breathtaking photo opportunities. Here’s an itinerary to help you capture the best shots while enjoying the local attractions.

(Note: Utilize Park City’s free trolley and bus services to get around town effortlessly and capture candid street photos.)

Day 1: Arrival and Exploration

Morning: Arrival

  • Drive from Salt Lake City Airport: Park City is a convenient 45-minute drive from Salt Lake City Airport. If you leave from Los Angeles, it’s a 12-hour drive.

Afternoon: Historic Main Street

  • Main Street Exploration: Begin your photo walk on Main Street, which retains much of its 1800s charm. The vibrant, historic buildings and Victorian architecture provide countless photo opportunities. Don’t forget to venture into the side streets for more hidden gems.

  • Lunch on Main Street: Enjoy a meal at one of the upscale restaurants or cozy cafes along Main Street.

Evening: Scenic Views and Relaxation

  • Ski Lift Views: Take the lift to the top for panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. The golden hour light is perfect for photos.

  • Outdoor Concert at Deer Valley: Unwind with live music in a stunning outdoor setting for the summer.

Day 2: Nature and History

Morning: McPolin Farm

  • Historic McPolin Farm: Built in 1922, this is the most photographed farm in Utah. Park across the street and walk through the tunnel to access the farm. The paved trails are perfect for capturing the farm’s beauty from various angles. For a unique shot, find the bridge to capture reflections in the creek.

Afternoon: Trails and Markets

  • Park City Trails: Explore the extensive network of trails running throughout Park City. Rent an e-bike from White Pine Touring to make the ride easier and more enjoyable. The rail trail, a 28-mile path, offers views of rolling farmlands and wetlands.

  • Farmers Market: Visit the local Farmers Market for vibrant shots of fresh produce and local crafts.

Tips for Great Photos

  • Morning Magic: Early mornings offer the best lighting and reflections, especially around the farm and creeks.

  • Lens Variety: Use different lenses on your phone (0.5x for wide angles, 1x for standard shots, and 2x, 3x or 5x for zoom) to capture diverse perspectives.

  • Off the Beaten Path: Don’t be afraid to step off the main paths to discover unique photo spots. And be sure when you’re in Park City to make time for visiting the nearby Heber Valley.

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