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Photographing "Whiskey Row" in Prescott, Arizona

Wyatt Earp and Big Nose Kate used to hang out in Prescott, Arizona in the late 1800s, and the town has never forgotten them.

Downtown's "Whiskey Row" is chock full of "saloons," one after the other, all odes to the old west. At the Palace Restaurant and Saloon you can even see the bullet holes in the ceiling from way back. The Palace, owner Scott Stanford told me when I came to town to film an episode of #PhotowalksTV, was once a bar, a Chinese restaurant, a brothel, post office and even a jail at one point.

Because of the way locals revere the Old West, Prescott is a hoot to photograph, especially on a mobile phone. For more, check out the latest Photowalks episode, above, or take a look at some photo highlights.


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