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Photowalkers Group Magazine on Flipboard

We've got a new group magazine on Flipboard, the social magazine app, and it's all about keeping the spirit of the live and video photowalks alive!

Photowalkers is a place for photo tips and tricks, and sharing your best work on Flipboard.

Join the Photowalkers community by joining our group magazine for tips, tricks, inspiration and sharing photos. Each month, we'll have a contest naming the best image of the month — that could be yours!

There are so many advantages to this different kind of photo sharing. First of all, no social media algorithm will be deciding what you can and can not see, and using information gleaned from the photos to track you.

Photos look great on phones and tablets. You'll meet like-minded people from our Flipboard sponsored photowalk meetups, and go to one central place to see the photos generated there. We all see the world differently, so it's fun to see the different perspectives.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

How to join:

1. Download the Flipboard app for iOS or Android:

2. Register on Flipboard if you haven't already. Sign in and select up to three interest categories. We can make it easy for you: Photography is No. 1. Now you just need two more.

3. Ask me for an invite to join and share photos from your mobile device. Write me ( or hit me up with a DM on Twitter.

4. Upload a photo. NOTE: this must be done on mobile, not on desktop. To upload, look for the little pencil at the top right of the magazine screen. Click it, and Flipboard asks if you want to submit a story (a URL) or a photo. Select photo. You can also upload directly from the camera roll by clicking SHARE and selecting Flipboard. You will be asked to select a magazine to share to. Please pick "PHOTOWALKERS."


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