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Three Definitive Travel Photos of Prescott, Arizona

When visiting the Northern Arizona small town of Prescott, Arizona, let me cut to the chase: there are 3 definitive travel photos you want to grab while you are there.

Thumb Butte is the easiest one. The 6,514 foot high mountain is visible all over town, and easy to capture, no matter where you are. It also happens to be the most popular hiking area in town.

Watson Lake. Rock formations going back thousands of years are a sight to see, especially in late afternoon. In the morning, they are shaded. I had a ball flying my drone in this area.

Whiskey Row and the historic downtown area. Saloons that date back 100 years or so are still thriving, complete with visible bullet holes in the ceiling at the Palace. And the entire downtown is centered around a square featuring the historic courthouse, which makes for one wonderful photo.


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