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Photowalk: Hollywood Locations

Photowalk Hollywood locations

Where to find some of the iconic Hollywood locations for your next #Photowalk.

Today’s #Photowalk: in search of great Hollywood locations. Where to go to put yourself in front of scenes from La La Land, Rebel without a Cause, The Dark Knight Rises, Pretty Woman and other classics.

Hollywood is a state of mind and the birthplace of film, where studios like Warner Bros., Disney, MGM, Paramount and others cranked out classics for years from within studio sound-stages.

Still we remember many great films that did venture outside. Today, when the biggest hits are comic book adventures filmed outside L.A., who can forget “Singin’ in the Rain,” “Rebel without a Cause” and of course, “La La Land?

The fun of any visit is going to the source for great selfie material. You can pay over $100 to visit Universal Studios Hollywood and get a shot in the town square used in the Back to the Future films, or the Bates Motel from Psycho, or just tour around the city, where the locations listed below are free to all.

La La Land was filmed all over Los Angeles., including the 105 freeway, Lighthouse Cafe in Hermosa Beach and the Hermosa Beach Pier, the old El Rey Theater in Los Angeles, Mulholland Drive and the Griffith Observatory.

Photowalk Hollywood Locations

Ryan Gosling sang “City of Stars” from La La Land here on the Hermosa Beach Pier. 

Photowalk Hollywood Locations

Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, has been home to films like Rebel without a Cause and La La Land.

Photowalk Hollywood Locations

The James Dean statue commemorating the late actor whose film “Rebel without a Cause” had key scenes shot at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles

The first scene of “Singin’ in the Rain’” opened with a premiere at the old Grauman’s Chinese Theater on Hollywood Blvd., and re-appeared again in the climatic scene at the end. Even after all these years, the location now known as the TCL Chinese Theater is still the go-to place for Hollywood premieres.

Photowalk Hollywood locations

TCL Chinese Theater, from the #Photowalks series

Much of the action in Steve Martin’s “L.A. Story” film took place at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, which is on Wilshire Blvd. near Fairfax. LACMA is a lot of fun in the rain. Pull out your water resistant smartphone and have some wet photo fun!

Photowalk Hollywood Locations

LACMA is a great spot for Selfies and was featured in the L.A. Stories movie. 

The iconic 1960s rock group the Doors were formed in Venice Beach, the locale for much of Oliver Stone’s film about the band.

Photowalk Hollywood locations

Much of the Blade Runner film was set at the Bradbury Building at 304 S. Broadway in downtown Los Angeles. Bradbury is across the street from the popular Grand Central Market and just down the way from the Angel’s Flight mini train, which was seen in La La Land. 

Photowalk Los Angeles

The Bradbury Building in downtown Los Angeles was the setting for the Blade Runner film.

The movie Pretty Woman is synonymous with Beverly Hills. The Julia Roberts character moves into the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, and we of course see her shopping on Rodeo Drive as well.

Photowalk Hollywood Locations

The Beverly Wilshire Hotel, seen in the film “Pretty Woman.” From the Photowalk Hollywood Locations series

The Dark Knight Rises Batman film had a scene set in stately Union Station at 800 N. Alameda, the art deco train terminal in DTLA.

In Tim Burton’s Ed Wood biopic, the director of what’s laughingly referred to as “the worst movie ever,”, Plan 9 from Outer Space, has a fateful encounter with legendary director Orson Welles at the oldest restaurant in Hollywood, Musso and Frank Grill. Musso turns 100 in 2019.

Have fun exploring Hollywood locations on your next Photowalk. For more inspiration, check out our Hollywood, Los Angeles and Beverly Hills Photowalks below.

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