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Why everyone is in love with Portugal

Check out Lisbon and Porto in the PhotowalksTV episode directly above.

Portugal has quietly emerged as one of the most popular spots in Europe, thanks to low costs, great weather and beautiful scenery.

Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal, where the language spoken is either Portuguese, like in Brazil, or the color of money, English.

Porto is its second largest city in Portugal, best known for for its port wine and the unofficial birth place of Harry Potter. Plus, it's just a really cool city to walk up and down the really old streets.

Portugal is directly next to Spain, on the Atlantic Ocean coast, the western most European country.

Located on the west coast, Lisbon is the San Francisco of Europe, with cable cars and a bridge that resembles the Golden Gate. Then add the unique foods and guitars, Portuguese language, Fado shows and a massive love of tiles all over the city, and you’ve actually got a city like no other.

"Lisbon is photography heaven. Shutterbugs can’t get enough of the pastel facades, panoramic vantage points at seemingly every corner, vibrant street art and of course those famous sunshine-yellow trolley cars."

Porto is a good 3 hour train ride away from Lisbon. "There's a great rivalry between Lisbon and Porto. One is the capital, the other could be the capital. Here you feel free without the stress of a big city," street performer Luis Reis.

Check out Lisbon and Porto in the PhotowalksTV episode directly above.

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Nov 17, 2022

Never been but Portugal has figured heavily in history.

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